Team behind TvShopButton

Welcome to Digitarna, where agility meets over 20 years of expertise in digital projects, IPTV, media, and roots deeply embedded in e-commerce. Our startup spirit infuses energy into our culture, creating a dynamic team focused on crafting innovative digital experiences. With a history of navigating industry shifts, we stand as a beacon of creativity and adaptability. Digitarna is not just a team; we're your compass in the digital landscape, ensuring your ventures exceed expectations. 

As a team, we understand that true success is not just about meeting expectations but exceeding them. Our passion for pushing boundaries is complemented by our deep-rooted industry knowledge, making us the perfect partner for your digital ventures. Whether you are envisioning groundbreaking media solutions or revolutionizing IPTV experiences, Digitarna is the compass that guides you through the intricate maze of possibilities.

Join us on this exhilarating journey where the spirit of a startup converges seamlessly with the wisdom of experience. Digitarna - Where Agility Meets Expertise, and Innovation Knows No Limits.

Tomaž Pernovšek, managing director

Co-founder DIGITARNA d.o.o.. 
Over 20 years in Telekom Slovenije Group, CEO of its media subsidary TSmedia, (co)creator of bizmatch, Valu, PIAZZ, Planet TV,,, Siol BOX...  

Jakob Kotnik, co-founder

Co-founder DIGITARNA d.o.o.,

Partner in Hermes d.o.o.,

Co-founder of Sinecon d.o.o., co.creator of, before 15+ years executive in leading ERP company Adacta.

Matic Razstresen, CTO

Technical Lead DIGITARNA d.o.o.,

Digital enthusiast, developer, and perfection seeker,  350 projects+, 250+ companies, 20+ years of experience. CEO at SPECTO, award winning innovative development studio.