Ai-powered TV shopping for digital TV operators:your users can place  orders with just 3 clicks on the remote control.

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Operators possess vast digital TV client networks and an even larger customer base. However, they lack significant order-making engines.


TV provides a "lean back" environment, where media is widely consumed, and will continue to be so in the future. With the assistance of AI, operators can directly deliver their ecommerce offerings related to the content their audience is watching.

3 clicks on remote to order on TV

Click One

When the viewer spots the bag anywhere on TV, they can simply press the SHOP button, leading to a pause in the TV program. AI technology is employed to recognize the objects.

Click Two

Similar products and prices appear on the user's TV screen. The product with the highest probability is given focus. When the user clicks SHOP again, they can proceed with the purchase.

Click Three

The entire order, including the user's default address, is displayed, and the user confirms it by clicking SHOP for the final time. That's it!

Step into the users shoes

Experience the power of our video animation as it takes you on a journey through a typical user scenario.

Object detection. 

The frozen image is transmitted to cloud-based AI for object detection.

Build your own object detection modelsto identify and locate objects inside video/frozen picstures.

Object similarity

The operator ​creates a self-learning dataset within a managed cloud system by TVShopButton. The outcome is a collection of various products with the highest probability of being interesting to the user based on the frozen video.

Apps included​​

Android TV app

Standalone or in-app

* comtact us for other platforms


for integration with operator apps

IOS/android app

Whitelabeled and standalone

Cloud management

Whole backend management is available in cloud dedicated platform:

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